Official Thin Lizzy & Band Member Sites

The Roisin Dubh Trust Official Web Site - The Trust commemorates the life and works of Philip Parris Lynott

The Vibe for Philo Official Web Site - the site for the annual 4th January event in Dublin

Eric Bell - founding member and lone guitarist in the three-piece 'Decca era'

Brian Robertson - co-lead guitarist from the classic line-up

Gary Moore - temporary guitarist and eventual full-time replacement for Robertson for one album (Black Rose)

Midge Ure - guitarist (& later keyboards) between Moore (Black Rose) & White (Chinatown)

Snowy White - co-lead guitarist with Gorham for two albums (Chinatown & Renegade)

Snowy White Fan Club

Darren Wharton - keyboards from Chinatown onwards

John Sykes - co-lead guitarist with Gorham for final album (Thunder And Lightning)

The Official Site


Thin Lizzy Web Pages by Supporters And Fans

Thin Lizzy WWW Pages - Dawn Poole's original site dating from 1994 is back online ... and moved to a new server!

Thin Lizzy - A Rock Legend

Thin Lizzy Guide - Peter Nielsen's comprehensive guide to all things Thin Lizzy


Thin Lizzy Related Sites

Jim Fitzpatrick - Artist responsible for many Lizzy album covers & friend of Lynott

Brush Sheils - founder of the original Skid Row & friend of Lynott (responsible for introducing him to bass guitar)

Funky Junction - Information about the Funky Junction LP

Gay Woods - Auto Da Fe, a band Phil Lynott worked with

Glasgow ApolloMemories - Many a memorable Lizzy gig - photos and forums

Jörgen Angel - Photographer Jörgen Angel - Denis O'Regan