Darren Wharton



Darren Wharton was born on Christmas Day 1962 in Failsworth, Manchester. He grew up in Oldham where besides being into music also played football.

Darren played in a cover band, without a name, when Phil Lynott got in touch with him. Darren was only 17 yrs old when entered the Good Earth Studios in London where the band was working on "Chinatown" in the spring 1980. Darren's debut Thin Lizzy gig took place in Oslo, Norway the same year.

After Thin Lizzy broke up Darren was determined to get on with his solo project that he'd been working on for a while. Not much happened in the musical vein though. But on the private side he met the woman of his dreams and got married, the couple settled down in an old 18th century farmhouse in Oldham.


Darren formed Dare and in 1989 they got a deal with A&R. The album was recorded in Joni Mitchell's private studio in California. The single Abandon was spinning on MTV endlessly and when the band was chosen to support Europe on their Out Of This World 1990 tour they became BIG! Playing the sports halls around Europe gave a taste for more... August 20th, the same year, Parris Wharton was born.
Sadly enough advisers told Darren that Dare had to be heavier, that melodic rock didn't work - no future, whatever... Blood From Stone was recorded in California 1991 in a much heavier vien than their previous album, Out of the Silence.
Then there was nothing but silence. Thin Lizzy, with John Sykes on vocals, started doing tribute gigs in Japan.


Calm Before The Storm was recorded in Darren's own studio. It wasn't an easy piece to write, but Darren decided that it had to be his way or no way. The result came to be a masterpiece in the melodic, adult oriented, rock genre. It's not an album to end up on the top-selling charts, but if you've heard it you'll love it and life without it is unimaginable.
Once again the tribute to Phil Lynott, Thin Lizzy with Mr. Sykes on vocals, came in the way of really giving 110% on his solo career.


In the end of year 2000 Darren decided to stay in his studio, while the Thin Lizzy boys toured US, and finished Belief - the follow up to Calm Before The Storm - released in September 2001. Belief shows yet a softer side of Dare with a celtic inspiration. A fine album for thoughtful hours.


Ozzie Adenborg